Today I completed hiking the 44 mile long Queen Charlotte Track and am spending the night in a hostel in Havelock. It is a pretty small town and known as the Green Mussel Capitol of the World. I don’t really like seafood so I will probably pass on the mussels. The internet is slow here, so I’ll probably be uploading most of my photos later.


The bus ride a couple of days was beautiful, but really long. Wellington is a nice town. The ferry ride across the harbor yesterday was very beautiful. Today I will be hanging out in Picton to recover from all of the traveling. Tomorrow will be a water taxi to Ship’s Cove (about an hour ride) and then I will start hiking south on the Queen Charlotte Track. This will take about 5 days. There are several lodges along the way, so I might be able to get internet access and update this, but I wouldn’t count on it. Hopefully I will find internet in Havelock, but it might be up to 3 weeks before I update this. Some pictures I have taken so far can be found here

The longest day

After 30 hours of being in transit, I made it to New Zealand. The flight from Las Vegas was delayed, so I was rerouted through Sydney. It was only about 4 hours later than the schedule, but that was about 6 hours longer than i felt like traveling.
Today is an 8 hour bus ride the length of the North Island from Aukland to Wellington.


This morning I took surfing lessons. It was a lot of fun. I am not very good, but I did manage to make it all the way to shore a few times. In the afternoon I took the long bus ride back to San Jose.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This morning I went to Manuel Antonio Park. It is the smallest national park in Costa Rica and one of the busiest. I saw some iguana, sloths, and monkeys. The beaches in the park were really nice. In the afternoon I went parasailing. Unfortunately my 5 year old waterproof camera is no longer waterproof, so the landing seems to have killed it so there will be very few pictures of this trip.


Today I took about a 4 hour bus ride to Quepos and spent the day on the beach. A few more tourists than I like, but the beach was really nice.

San Jose

I arrived in San Jose this morning and relaxed for awhile in the afternoon. In the afternoon I walked around for awhile. It seems fairly nice, but I did not spend any time in any tourist areas. There were many of the same stores and restaurants that you see in the US.

Costa Rica

This evening I am off to Costa Rica for a week to escape this brutal St. George winter 🙂

Signal Peak

On Sunday I finally made it to the top of Signal Peak, the mountain right next to St. George.

Behunin Canyon

This past Saturday I did the Behunin slot canyon in Zion National Park.

I didn’t bring enough water, but other than that, it was a very nice day.