In the fall of 2006 I was trying to figure out what I wanted to experience in my life and I came accross this website. I knew what I had to do. See the world. Now the dancing thing has already been done (and far better than I could ever do), so I decided to just focus on the travel.

This site documents my travels from March of 2007 until the present. I arrived back in the US in March of 2008, although I haven’t really settled back into a career as of yet. Check out my blog to see what I am up to now.

Feel free to leave comments on the blog or to email me directly at matt@ohtheplacesillgo.com.

For those of you who would like a hardcopy of my blog and photos (that would be you Mom 🙂 ), you can purchase them by clicking below.

A Travel Blog
By Matt Erbele

I hope you enjoy the site!

Yol Bolsun
Tibetan phrase for travelers that roughly translated means May there be a road.